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West Valley City Carpet Cleaning by Utah Flood Repair Water Damage & Restoration. Floor covering cleaning is our science.

Not all floor covering cleaning and steam cleaning is made equivalent and as a pioneer in the water harm and restoration industry we’ve connected our therapeutic mastery and drive for client administration to private rug cleaning and business rug cleaning.

In your home we offer a complete line of private floor covering cleaning administrations. In your office we offer a complete line of business floor covering cleaning administrations. Floor covering Cleaning by Anchor is more than a neighborhood rug cleaning organization. We regard you’re home or office as our own, whether we’re keeping up your private rug or business rug in West Valley City.

Carpet Cleaning for Water Damage & Restoration

Keeping your rugs looking and feeling new requires support. You change the oil on your auto routinely to guarantee the motor capacities appropriately and to keep your vehicle in great working request. You clean your rugs consistently to keep earth and different contaminants out, which can separate the filaments in your rug. Shortening your rugs life compass. You likewise utilize a frequently booked floor covering cleaning administration to keep hurtful microscopic organisms and spores out of your rugs fiber, enhancing your family’s and workers’ general wellbeing.

Our organization is authorized and safeguarded, giving you genuine feelings of serenity that you’re home and property will be secured as our experts work to surpass your desires. Figure out today why we are the best cover cleaning organization in the State of Utah and West Valley City.


We have confidence in keeping things basic and doing them on the very edge of flawlessness. We utilize the same technique on your floor covering care that we use in our expert restoration of homes and organizations. Our aspiration is that your floor covering looks, feels, smells and is CLEAN.

To start, we perform an introductory stroll through; quote the last value; and start to HEPA Vacuum and Pre-treat your whole cover, including any movement examples or stains.

Between every day pedestrian activity, spills, stains, and accidents most covers take a beating. We begin every cleaning with a stroll through where we can discover spots, stains, and other issue zones. This is the ideal time for you to call attention to every one of those regions that have turned into a blemish.

Floor covering cleaners utilization concealed expenses and up-offer once they’re in you’re home. When the bill is given over you can discover yourself well over spending plan and well past the deal value they at first cited. We do things diverse. Amid the beginning stroll through estimations are taken and an aggregate square footage is ascertained. Your last bill is figured utilizing our standard square-foot valuing. You know precisely what you’re paying and what you’re paying for. Have light shaded floor covering that dependably gets filthy quick? We’ll offer you protectant on a square-foot cost. Have unsavory pet scents? We’ll offer our best in class pet treatment that uses effective compounds. Our guarantee is we will never give you an item or administration you needn’t bother with.

You’ve pointed out your issue territories, we’ve given you your last cost. Presently we start treating your floor covering. Every last bit of floor covering is Vacuumed utilizing a business grade HEPA Vacuum then pre-treated utilizing earth well disposed cleaning specialists that quickly start separating soil and stain particles on contact.

Next, utilizing a business evaluation truck mounted framework, we catch up with wet steam extraction (the prescribe cleaning procedure by all real cover makes).

Our strategy uses an expert steam extraction framework to clean and purify your homes floor coverings. Steam extraction is the cleaning procedure prescribed by all real cover makers, and is the procedure embraced by The Carpet and Rug Institute and Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration (IICRC).

Our expert truck mounted framework is intended to extricate more water and earth permitting your floor coverings to dry quicker than any time in recent memory. You’ll be back to making the most of your crisp, clean covers in a matter of seconds.


We wrap up a last operators that is extraordinarily planned to keep your rugs looking and noticing clean more.

Our completing specialists is planned to dispense with and piece even the hardest smells. We trust it’s insufficient for your rugs to look, feel and be perfect. Your rug needs to notice clean.

ALL IN THE DETAILS in West Valley City

We utilize corner watches that ensure the edges of your homes dividers and furniture, while our hoses are moving in and out.

We utilize booties to cover our shoes, regarding you’re home and keeping it clean.

We offer FREE Appraisals.

Our goal is to get your home or business in West Valley City back to normal.

Carpet Cleaning by Utah Flood Repair Water Damage & Restoration

Carpet Cleaning for Water Damage & Restoration